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Plus 3 Athletics

The Plus 3 Athletic Club Program is for  ages  8 to 18 that will provide our youth with the opportunity to compete at the highest level in basketball, softball and baseball.

TPF proudly supports the Carolina Lynx Girls Basketball program.


Our focus is to teach fundamentals and continue to develop our players to be successful in and out of competition.  It is very important to teach that there is more to winning. We want them to value the relationships of their teammates and the respect of their coaches.     


Coaches, as well as the parents are a very vital part of this program because they are teachers that provide support.

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Project Rebound

Project Rebound is a program that is designed to provide support for homeless men with children.  Our program is unique because it creates an opportunity for those families to secure affordable housing.


M3 - Mentoring the Mentor

M3 is a unique peer mentoring program that will allow our high school students to mentor our middle school students and our middle school students to mentor our elementary students.  M3 attempts to put into practice the principles of moral living and good values to enrich the quality of life for the participants.  Ultimately, M3 seeks to improve the academic, mental, emotional, physical,   social and spiritual aspects of the lives of the participants, their families and the community.

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Today's Achiever

Trinity Plus Foundation will offer an  array of  educational programs that will     include: 


· After School Tutorial Program


· Test taking strategies for the End of         Grade (EOG) and End of Course     (EOC)Tests


· SAT and ACT Prep

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